The Day The Phone Evolved

Phones are getting more powerful by the week and we are constantly being told that the processing power and storage space in the phones we have in our pockets is greater than the original computers we played games on in the 1980s and 1990s.

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

What we use our phones for now has also changed. It used to be just a device for making phone calls. Now, for those of us with a more technological bent, it is a instant messaging device, a music player, a video player, a personal organiser, it handles not only emails, but internet browsing as well.

If we now have a phone that effectively does a lot of the things we used to use a computer for, the questions becomes how long will it be before we don’t need a computer at home at all, instead using our phone for everything.

This has already happened to a certain extent with the laptop, which due to its size and portability has now become a replacement for the desktop. With large storage capacities, wireless keyboards and the ability to connect to any screen in the house why would most people need a laptop or a desktop when their phone will do it all?